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I'm trying to stay fit and healthy and this blog is just my motivation to help me get there and others also. I really do hope that this blog will continue to help me and other people as well.

i’ve started this motivational lifestyle again. i hadn’t worked out in awhile but here i am working out again. i had an injury to my foot from running so i had to stop for awhile and that just kind of shitted on my motivation. but im back now! i’ve been running for 2 weeks now and im going to keep it up. this is important to me ^.^ 

This is the:  L.I.F.E. - Leukemia Ironman Fundraiser for Eric Facebook page. 

He has been in a long battle with Leukemia for 3 years now, he has survived leukemia 6 times now, and he deserves some help and some inspiring messages right now. 

He has recently just uploaded Heartbreaking video to YouTube and please everyone, just take a second out of your time to tell him that he means something, he is truly a life worth living, and that he is recognized! Just let him know there are people out there that care! 

I just think this man deserves some respect! He has gone through so much, and if you guys could just do something nice for him than that would be the most pleasant gift for him right now! 

Just please pay attention to him and do something! 

Here is his site:

I just am keeping positive thoughts for him, and I hope all of you are too, this man could use some of that right now!



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