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I'm trying to stay fit and healthy and this blog is just my motivation to help me get there and others also. I really do hope that this blog will continue to help me and other people as well.

This webpage helped with my fitness routine alot! So I’m sharing it with all of you so it can help you too!:

Here is my new training plan: 

Monday: Morning- Warm Up Exercise Before Run, Run + Yoga(,7122,s6-241-287-0-0,00.html

Tuesday: Morning- Air Squats, Basically Strength Training, bike

Wednesday: Off 

Thursday: Morning-  Pilates, Evening- Run

Friday: Morning- Run + This workout, And some core exercises

Saturday: Off 

Sunday: Morning- Run Evening- Core Exercises, and pushups

This isn’t very detailed, but I’m still working on figuring my routine, so this is a bit off I guess! If anyone see’s something in here that could probably be replaced or better exercises, then please let me know! 

-I’ll probably come back to this post and edit it a lot

Whenever it’s the day I have to take a break from working out or running, I hate it because I don’t want to stop, it’s like an addiction!

Downloading music on your ipod for running and then getting to actually listen to it during you run is the absolute best!